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JUST IN: Facebook recruitment fraudster arrested in Ellembelle

A guy has been arrested by the Esiama Divisional Police Command for scamming people in the employment recruitment process.

Samuel Sarpong was apprehended after a recent fraudulent Facebook contact with a woman who was looking for a job at the suspect’s firm.

On Facebook, he is claimed to operate under the aliases Lawyer King and Esther Afia Abankwa, which he uses to post job openings to people who are desperate for work.

According to the police, several victims have given large sums of money to the con artist in the hopes of being hired.

Samuel tricked a 23-year-old high school dropout into believing he would help her complete her studies in the incident that led to his imprisonment.

She was also promised that she would be able to work for the suspect’s company.

The lady, in turn, traveled from Nkawkaw, in the Eastern Regional, to the Western Regional, only for the suspect to fool her and flee with her cash and handbag holding her possessions.

Samuel Sarpong pretended to be a cab driver and obtained the lady’s mobile money pin code, which he used to withdraw roughly a thousand dollars from her account the night she arrived in town.

The victim was rescued in the middle of the night thanks to the prompt involvement of a local homeowner, according to the police.

“After luring the lady from Nkawkaw to the District on Sunday, June 5, luck evaded the suspect this time.” Godheart Hlordji, the Esiama Divisional Police Commander, said, “Many girls in quest of work fall victim to him.”

He recommended young people, particularly women, to look for jobs in legitimate methods rather than relying on people they meet on social media.

The suspect is also renowned for enticing his victims to unknown locations and scamming them, according to Commander ASP Darko. He promised that the inquiry would be widened and that all of the victims would be compensated.

During interrogation, the suspect admitted to his involvement in such activities as well as his status as an ex-convict.

He is dating a woman who is expecting a child.

The suspect is now detained by the Esiama Police Command and is cooperating with the inquiry.

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