JUST IN: Health Minister Bans D0ggy Style During Sɛkx

The primary cause of cancer and stroke, according to South Africa’s Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, is having sex in a “doggy” manner.

He said that after three years of laborious study, he discovered that standing or kneeling while having intercourse creates an excess of the veins in the legs, which finally results in stroke.

According to him, one of the primary causes of cancer is stress, exhaustion, and sleepiness.

“The relationship is more than obvious because the doggy position is the most strenuous and energy-intensive sexual position for males.

Look, I’m only giving you guys a brief summary; the whole research findings will be posted on the Ministry website.

In order to draft laws that would attempt to criminalize this manner, he said, he is in discussions with the minister of home affairs, Malusi Gigaba.

He claims that although occasional doggie dressing, like as on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, is safe, every night is suicide.

The 58-year-old guy said, “This is the reason why South African married men die and abandon their spouses a lot these days.”

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