JUST IN: Man to serve one year in jail for stealing woman’s panties [Watch]

For stealing a woman’s panties, an Embu court fined a guy Sh80,000 or sentenced him to one year in prison.

Pius Mugendi, the accused, had denied stealing the underwear on May 28 last year in the county’s Mikimbi hamlet.

Mugendi allegedly broke into a building used as a living house by Juliet Mawia and took six inner pants worth Sh1500, according to court documents.

Mawia told the court that at around 3 a.m., she saw one of her clothing had dropped near the window and woke up her husband.

They discovered someone had broken into the premises at 11 p.m. after checking CCTV footage.

“We spotted someone plucking the innerwear with a wire and a green paper bag.” “He attempted to elude the CCTV but was apprehended,” Ms Mawia stated.

She informed the court that it had rained and that they had followed the tracks to the home of the accused, whom she had known for more than 20 years since they shared a neighborhood.

Based on the evidence and documents presented, the court determined that the prosecution had established their case, and Mugendi was placed on the stand to defend himself.

The accused, on the other hand, claimed that he did not do anything wrong and that the complainant had compared him to someone else.

Mugendi asked for compassion from the court, saying, “I have a wife and children and hope for leniency from the court.”

In her judgement, Embu senior resident magistrate Juliana Ndeng’eri stated that the court had taken into account the mitigating.

“He appears sorry; yet, he participated in rude and obnoxious conduct, and the court fines him Sh80,000 or sentences him to a year in prison,” Ndeng’eri said.

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