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JUST IN: National Service personnel to replace striking teachers

National Service personnel to replace striking teachers

In the absence of the striking teachers, school authorities have been forced to rely on National Service Personnel (NSP).

Currently, four teacher unions are striking in protest of their demand for the 20% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

The use of NSP is a component of a contingency plan put in place to lessen the impact of the strike, according to Kwasi Kwarteng, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education.

In reference to the contingency plan, he added, “I am aware that National Service Personnel are on duty and they are assisting together with the directors of education, both at the regional and district levels, with certain school management.

He said that the Ministry is trying to find a solution so the instructors may get back to work.

“We hope that we can handle the issue brought up by our teacher unions as quickly as possible so that everything can return to normal. But we are stating that, in the interim, we value and will continue to value that they attempt to at least soften their posture and have a compassionate approach before any upcoming interaction that we will have,” he begged.

Due to demands for the payment of COLA, four teacher unions announced an indefinite countrywide strike that would begin on Monday, July 4.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers, the Teachers and Educational Workers Union, and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana are the unions that make up the Ghana National Association of Teachers.

Until the government pays the COLA, they have sworn not to return to the classroom.

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