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JUST IN: Parents of Shs Students Would be Paying Fees Soon- Prof Opoku Amankwah Reveals

The Free Senior High School Policy is now being reviewed, according to Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah, director general of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

He reveals that the goal of this exercise is to determine which costs the government may pass along to parents.

“…we can conduct the investigation and then declare that, yes, Raymond will need to pay this much for an excellent education. These are the goods included in that cost.

He said to Raymond Acquah, host of Upfront, “Then we will all put it out there and say this thing, we can make do with it, and it will not impair quality, this item, I think we can persuade parents to pay.”

In spite of seeking support from the IMF, the Ministry of Finance stated earlier this month that the policy will not be halted.

However, it was underlined that the IMF would be concerned about a potential financial shortfall as well as the government’s capacity to continue spending.

“Free SHS, the School Feeding Program, among other good social intervention programs, could be constrained in their capacity to continue their level of spending, including social or investment spending, by a lack of funding and unmanageable debt loads.

According to the statement, “In our circumstance, the IMF may encourage Ghana to consider reducing lower priority or non-productive spending (such as “white elephant” projects) as part of its fiscal adjustment, but to sustain key social investment, notably on health and education.

The Director General was questioned about whether or not the program is being reviewed and whether it has ended by the host of JoyNews’ Upfront.

Prof. Amankwah retorted that although a conclusion has not yet been reached, a major goal of the assessment is to create a pricing arrangement that ensures quality.

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