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JUST IN: Three Opoku Ware SHS final year students arrested for robbery

Three pupils from Opoku Ware SHS are now being held by the Ghana Police Service for robbing a vehicle driver in Kumasi.

The suspects boarded a taxi from Santasi, the school’s location, at 11 p.m. on Friday, August 12, 2022, and told the driver they were headed to their residence near the Golden Tulip hotel.

One of the boys allegedly pulled a knife on the driver as they approached Vienna City.

He asked why they were doing this as students, and they claimed it was because they needed a car.

They battled in the car when the driver refused to give up, forcing him to lose control of the wheel and smash into the sand.

Bystanders were drawn to the scene by the driver’s shouts, thinking it was a normal incident.

The driver was keen to notify observers that this was no ordinary accident, and that the men had picked him up and planned to plunder him.

Two of them were captured right away, while one fled and was subsequently apprehended.

The three, two of whom are 17 and one of whom is 19, are being held by police and will be prosecuted in court today, August 16, 2022.

All three are Opoku Ware School final-year students who began as boarding students but switched to day in their final year.


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