Lady proposes to her boyfriend in public and he says ‘NO’; She cries like a baby (Video)

After her lover rejected her proposal, a Nigerian woman refused to let him go beside a highway at an unidentified market in Nigeria.

The majority of Nigerian men are skeptical of a woman proposing to them. According to recent occurrences on social media, several Nigerian girls have been taking their shots recently, and 95% of comparable situations have resulted in an unpleasant conclusion.

When the lady in question came to the streets to propose to her boyfriend, she had the shock of her life when he rejected her down in front of others.

In a viral video, the lady is seen genuinely imploring the guy while holding on to his knee with one hand and the ring with the other.

Passers-by and passersby are also seen marveling at the scenario, with some confronting the gentleman and requesting that he stop humiliating the lady and simply remove the ring from her.

“You don sleep with am end, you no wan marry am abi?” another individual can be heard asking.

watch the video below

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