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Lesson notes writing is outmoded, don’t force teachers to write lesson notes

Some teachers have requested that the Ghana Education Service management come out and state their position on whether teachers should write lesson notes in textbooks or not, because their district directors of education are forcing them to do so after the distribution of the one teacher one laptop program.

Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, Minister of Education, reminded the public earlier this year that the Ghana Education Service and TVET are both part of the Ministry of Education and, as such, cannot make decisions on their own under the present Educational Reforms.

This information became public after parents, guardians, and students petitioned the Ghana Education Service to release the academic calendar for the year 2022.

Prof. Opoku Amankwaa, the Director-General of Ghana Education, announced in the media that the Ministry of Education has formed a Committee to develop a recommended calendar for all basic schools in the nation.

The majority of individuals slandered the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service. What many didn’t realize is that the Ghana Education Service does not have sole responsibility over fundamental school choices.

The Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service must agree on this new educational reform before it can be implemented. So, if the Ministry of Education has said on several media channels that instructors would not make class notes in notebooks, management of the Ghana Education Service will be unable to reject the Ministry of Education’s direction.

Directors of Education cannot expect instructors to continue to transcribe class notes in notebooks.

It is obsolete, and instructors should be permitted to participate in the digital world. Director of Education bullying of teachers should be halted immediately.


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