Level 200 Man Sells His Kidney to Buy iPhone 14 For His Girlfriend

Level 200 Man Sells His Kidney to Buy iPhone 14 For His Girlfriend

It may surprise you to learn that this type of love still exists, as a guy is said to have sold one of his organs all for the sake of a lady.

A Nigerian university student stunned social media followers after allegedly selling his kidney to get an iPhone 14 for his fiancée.

The man, whose identity has been withheld, attends the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

Relationships appear to be growing increasingly materialistic, with some spending enormous quantities of money on luxury to express and prove their love.

The student in blue shorts is seen lifting his blue t-shirt to display his belly in photos that have since gone popular on social media.

A bandage covers the area where his kidneys are placed on the right side of his stomach. According to the application, he underwent surgery a few days before.

The Nigerian’s right hand is carrying a bandaged surgical wound, while his left hand is holding a brand new boxed iPhone 14.

The student’s thrilled smile reveals a man who is overjoyed and proud of what he has accomplished.

He is proud of the depth of his love for his partner, love that might drive him to donate a crucial organ to fulfill her request.

People on Facebook and Twitter are stunned by the student’s devotion. Check out their responses in the video below.


“So a #UNIPORT student sold his #kidney to buy iPhone 14 for his girlfriend. Imagine the generation we see today. A girl like this will still knack someone outside. This is so pathẹtic.


“Imagine giving it to her other boyfriend as a birthday gift.”


“As of today, This is the dumbest live creature on planet Earth.”


“What will he sell next when 15 drops?gyimisem sei.”


“So his kidney is that cheap.”


“Now look at this  if she really loved him, she wouldn’t let him risk his life like that. A phone that can be easily stolen? Oh come on, this is just too much. SMH.”

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