LOVE IS SWEET: Sam Korankye Ankrah’s love letter to wife as she turns 60

Apostle-General Sam Korankye Ankrah, the Founder and General Overseer of the Royal house Chapel International sent his wife, Rev Mrs Rita Korankye Ankrah, a heartfelt greeting on her 60th birthday.

The renowned preacher resorted to social media to eulogize his beloved wife, commemorating their life journey together.

He wrote:

“To My Lively Wife @60. And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. Romans 11:6. Dear Rita, my wife, my girlfriend, my partner and pastor for 35 years: the above quote sums up your life in this 60 year journey. Grace, grace, grace! it is only the grace of God that can pick up a person from the ground and polish her up to become one of the finest women. A great mother, a great counsellor and godly leader of her time. You have imparted men, women, children, the poor, the weak and the affluent in your day.

“You have made me the better preacher, the husband, the father and the leader I am today. Thank you. What a rare honour to celebrate you at 60; which you don’t look like in any way. You still look like the 23-year-old “guitar” shaped girl I married in 1986. Your wisdom, both inner and outward beauty continue to capture my heart. Today at 60, I celebrate you and bless God for bringing you into my life. Your children celebrate you for being a good mother. Ghana celebrates you for godly leadership. The body of Christ celebrates you for your impactful contributions. This is your season. You deserve the attention. Happy and glorious birthday. From me, your husband of 35 years and still counting.”

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