Majority of ugly women doing better in life – Ajaguraja cautions beautiful ladies

Majority of ugly women doing better in life – Ajaguraja cautions beautiful ladies

Prophet Ajagurajah, the controversial leader and creator of the Ajagurajah organization, has stated that most women who are making it in life are unattractive.
Prophet Ajagurajah has made some unusual findings on the majority of women in society who are succeeding in life. He has revealed that the majority of these ladies are unattractive.

Ajagurajah stated on Abusua FM in Kumasi that “women’s beauty is their curse.” He asked the crowd to provide an observation to back up his claim about affluent ladies.

“In fact, I observed a woman driving a pretty nice automobile today.” Her expression alone made me want to vomit. “But she’s the one who earns the big bucks around town,” he deduced.

“It is true that more than half of women who make big money on their own, without the assistance of a guy, are highly attractive. So don’t get too enthusiastic and reply, ‘I am aware,’ when guys compliment you on your attractiveness,” he said.

“A lot of the highly gorgeous never find their own faithful husbands.” See the female head porters who pursue automobiles in order to pick up loads for a living. Take note to the ladies who hawk in the street. “Some of the most gorgeous you’ll ever see,” he said.

Ajagurah went on to tell the presenter DJ Marcus that most unattractive individuals are hard workers that strive to acquire what they want in order to improve their life.

“In all honesty, I have never made a human before, but most of the ugly ones have recruited assistants and are creating it, while the beautiful ones are just going around unrestrained and unsecured,” Ajaguraja remarked.

source: www.ghbase.com

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