Man caught attempting to poison his friend at a restaurant, Watch

A new video has surfaced that emphasizes the need of constantly ensuring one’s safety and never putting one’s faith in friends.
In the video, a young man was nearly poisoned while out with his pals when he excused himself to use the toilet for a few moments.

The video showed the precise moment his drink was contaminated with a poisonous drug, and when he returned, he was told what had happened.

As a result, the person who poisoned the drink was required to take a taste of it to establish his innocence.

He was surrounded by other people who began filming him and demanded that he drink the Coca-Cola bottle that he had poisoned, despite the fact that he had never done so.

In a similar vein, Oscar Brown, a fast-rising Nigerian comedian who makes his living on TikTok, has died, according to several internet reports.

He was said to have died after being poisoned by a buddy.

Oscar had been poisoned before, according to Legit, but he survived the first attempt on his life just to be poisoned again. Oscar is claimed to have died in Asaba, Delta State, on May 23, 2022.

The tragic news has been felt by several followers, who have paid loving homage to him on social media.

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