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‘Man-woman’ attacked for allegedly sleeping with men

On Twitter, a video of a male cross-dresser being assaulted has surfaced.

The unnamed man was hit in the face many times while sitting in a car in the viral footage.

The cross-dresser was also repeatedly slapped on the neck while being told to look into the camera.

A section of the footage shows an officer hitting the cross-dresser for a brief moment.

Cross-dressing is the practice of wearing clothing that is not typically associated with one’s gender.

In current times and throughout history, cross-dressing has been utilized for camouflage, comfort, humor, and self-expression.

According to unverified allegations, the male cross-dresser pretended to be a lady in order to sleep with multiple guys.

The Snapchat story was also shared on Twitter.

Users said on Twitter that the cross-dresser could easily pass for a woman after seeing his photos.

They couldn’t understand how the men he reportedly slept with didn’t realize he was a man and not a lady.

According to people who commented on the video, the males understood exactly what they were getting themselves into.

Despite the complexity of the issue, several people have decried the attacks on the transgender woman, claiming that the incident should have been reported to the police.

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