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Meet Mensah Kwame: The headteacher who swims 2 hours to school

Meet Mensah Kwame: The headteacher who swims to school

Kwame Mensah, 36, is the headteacher of Lonpe MA Primary School in the Northern Region’s Nanumba North District.

He is not your typical instructor, since he swims through the ocean with his clothing in a bag to go to school.

He considers it part of his regular routine and does it every day to get to work.

Kwame Mensah, who lives on the other side of the river bank, utilizes this path since it takes him only a few minutes to get to school.

Mensah has been using this method to commute to school since he graduated from college in 2009.

He does this to raise the children’s awareness of the necessity of education.

He stated “Teaching in rural areas is difficult, especially because I have to swim over this river every day to go to school. My family is quite concerned.”

“The students are at a significant disadvantage because I have to teach all of the subjects from Basic one to Basic six, which is demanding,” Mensah explained.

Meanwhile, according to a poll performed by his organization, over 42,000 instructors would leave the field by 2021.

According to Social Education Research, at least 10,000 teachers leave the classroom each year, particularly in rural regions, to pursue other possibilities.

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