Meet the man who drove fuel tanker on fire to safety

The terrifying ordeal of a Nigerian man who was acclaimed a “hero” for risking his life by driving a blazing fuel truck away from a heavily populated suburban neighborhood in Warri Delta State has been told by the BBC.

“I had just one thought in mind, and that was to throw the blazing tanker into a neighboring river,” Ejiro Otarigho stated.

“It was my [helper] who first informed me that our tanker was on fire. He said, “It was a terrifying ball of flames.”

Mr Ejiro stated that he had just offloaded some of the tanker’s cargo and was on his way to another location when disaster struck.

With no time to waste, he urged his aide to exit the blazing tanker and rushed away, amidst shrieks of terror and disbelief from bystanders.

Any minor lapse in judgment by Mr Otarigho, or a sudden explosion, may have resulted in absolute calamity in the risky incident.

“I had planned to drive to the river.” “When I arrived, the automobile steering became locked, and I couldn’t go any farther,” he explained.

“I said that if I drive straight, the vehicle would topple, causing another difficulty.” So all I have to do now is find a parking spot in the open area.”

Onlookers can be seen hauling Mr Otarigho away in one of the films after he finally brought the tanker to safety.

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