Microsoft warns billions of Google Chrome users to stop using it now-Check Now

Microsoft is advising Windows users to abandon the Google Chrome browser in favor of Edge.

Edge, Microsoft’s own browser, was released in 2015 in the hopes of challenging Google Chrome’s dominance on Windows 10 and the recently released Windows 11.

In the never-ending game of corporate one-upmanship, Microsoft has begun sending notifications to customers who visit the Google Chrome Download page to install the browser.

‘Microsoft Edge works on the same technology as Chrome, with the extra confidence of Microsoft,’ one of them claims.

Another pop-up tries to be snarky, declaring: ‘That browser is so 2008!’ Do you have any idea what’s new? Microsoft Edge is a web browser.’

Unlike the previous Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft is correct in employing the same technology; Edge uses the Google-created Chromium platform.

However, it does not appear to have made a dent in Google’s dominant browser market share.

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