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Ministers, MPs should be compelled to send their kids to public schools – Teacher

Emmanuel Afful, a teacher, has proposed some answers to the country’s public education system’s difficulties.

He believes that one of the most effective methods to deal with them is to insist on and ensure that the children of government officials, including Ministers and MPs, attend public schools.

He believes that this will galvanize the dedication of these top authorities to close the sector’s gaps.

“I believe we have arrived at the point when every Minister or MP whose pay is paid from the consolidated fund is required to send their children to our public school system.”

“We must assure that if you are a Minister under a specific government, you cannot do any type of education for your children other than our public school system, and we would rectify [the difficulties] there,” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

Emmanuel Afful speaking

He was participating in conversations about the state of the Free Senior High School program in response to numerous concerns aired.

The policy has recently been heavily criticized due to various inconsistencies. Beneficiaries of the policy have expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs.

In light of the rising complaints, the befuddled instructor wondered why parents and other important stakeholders are not permitted to provide comments that might enhance the policy.

He feels that involving relevant stakeholders to provide advice on how to improve the program is another strategy to improve the policy and ensure its sustainability.

“Let us bring people together, much as we did during the Senchi Conference on Economic Policy.” There are some headmasters who have brilliant ideas. “The only problem is that they never got the chance to be Minister or Director of Education,” he stated on Thursday.

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