Moesha’s Sugar Daddy Allegedly Pays One Year Rent at her Trasacco Mansion for her to Return Home

The news that Moesha Boduong was returning to her Trasacco estate generated an even larger commotion than her return to social media.

Moesha was forced out of her mansion after her rent ran out while she was having a mental breakdown, as legend has it.

She was rumored to have sold everything she owned at the time, including her Range Rover, to donate to a church, or so we were told.

Moesha has returned to her house, having lately emerged from wherever she had been hiding.

The actress made a triumphant comeback to social media with a video of herself returning to her house.

Given that she is now essentially a pauper, this sparked doubts about where she acquired the money to do so.

According to ThoseCalledCelebs, Moesha has a sugar daddy who has supported her through all of her recent difficulties.

According to the blogger, the sugar daddy has paid a year’s rent for Moesha to return to the house to chill.

Those who phoned said she’s been at a prayer camp for the past few months and has finally been permitted to leave and return home.

Moe is now essentially cured! God be praised.

She’s made it plain that she’s back online, and it appears that the murder will continue shortly.

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