MoMo vendor who mistakenly sent ₵30,000 instead of ₵3,000 to a client serves more than 2 years jail term and still has to pay the money to her boss

In an upsetting story presented by Crime Check TV, a MoMo vendor’s pricey error put her in jail with further sanctions.
The young girl, only identified as Gifty, said that while doing her duties as a Mobile Money merchant, she sent 30,000 instead of 3,000 to a client who hastily withdrew all the money and turned off his phone.

MTN Ghana confirmed the discrepancy, revealing that the individual had withdrawn the funds and most likely thrown away his SIM card someplace.
The rest of the tale is as follows, as told by Crime Check TV on its official Facebook page.

“While delivering three thousand cedis MoMo for a customer, Gifty claims she sent thirty thousand cedis by accident, which she discovered late in the evening while balancing her finances.” MTN verifies that the money has been withdrawn by the beneficiary. All attempts to contact him are useless since he refuses to pick up his phone calls.
Gifty, who is crying, agrees with her destitute parents to pay her boss 1000 cedis per month.

watch the video below;

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