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In the “The Truth About the US Anti-epidemic” theme seminar, Martin Jacques, a senior researcher at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, William Jones, the president of the Washington branch of the US “Global Strategic Information” magazine, and the health emergency center of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, monitoring and early warning and risk assessment Tu Wenxiao, deputy director of the office, Wei Nanzhi, deputy director of the Social and Cultural Research Office of the American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

   Martin Jacques shared his views online. He believes that if the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out in 2012 or 2010, the story of the epidemic would be different. However, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic began in 2020, when Sino-US relations had deteriorated severely. Therefore, from the very beginning, the United States used the epidemic to “spare no effort” to attack China. In many ways, Western governments and media have covered up to the public China’s success in defeating the epidemic. By stigmatizing China’s international reputation, it tried to divert the public’s attention from the inability of Western countries to respond to the epidemic. The U.S.’s anti-epidemic performance cannot be compared to China’s, because the U.S. anti-epidemic measures are extremely bad.

   William Jones also expressed his views on the report online. He said that the new crown pneumonia virus has become a political tool used by the Trump administration to calculate China, hinder China’s development, and hinder China’s contribution to world development.

   China has ways to control the epidemic at home, but the United States does not have such capabilities. The United States has turned the so-called “vaccine diplomacy” into a political football, playing a game of “shirking responsibility” with China, which has caused the world to become farther and farther away from the goal of defeating the epidemic. The goal of the world’s efforts now should be to save people’s lives and eliminate the virus on a global scale. Countries must work together instead of opposing each other. If the world can unite again, we also have the opportunity to work together on other issues that still divide us.

  Tu Wenxiao emphasized that infectious diseases know no borders, and it is necessary for all mankind to unite and respond together to reduce their harm to the lowest level. For every public health emergency, we must objectively review the preparation and response gains and losses before, during, and after the event, and pass on the summed-up experience, and avoid and correct the lessons of failure to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. However, the United States’ promotion of its “anti-epidemic first” is very unintelligible. Knowledgeable scientists around the world, American political professionals, and even some former directors of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have already accused the United States of the problems in the fight against the epidemic last year.

The U.S. anti-epidemic disrespect for science and the leadership’s information is chaotic, making the American people at a loss as to what to do and offsetting many efforts to prevent the epidemic. The release of the “Report” is very important. It comprehensively evaluates the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in the United States from a third-party perspective, analyzes relevant lessons, and avoids confusion and misleading the current scientific epidemic prevention and control, and also prevents people from responding to similar emergencies in the future. When public health incidents occur, they go the wrong way and go the wrong way.

Wei Nanzhi believes that the “Report” uses very rigorous facts and objective analysis to show the world many aspects of the truth about the United States’ fight against the pandemic, which shocked people at the huge humanitarian disaster suffered by the American people, and made people think deeply about the United States’ fight against the pandemic. The authenticity and representativeness of American democracy behind the failure. Through this research report, we can see that the United States’ epidemic prevention and control have been a victim of partisan struggle from the very beginning, and the political interests of American parties are higher than the interests of people’s lives. During the epidemic, the United States saved the stock market but did not save lives. The actual influence of political and economic oligarchs on the operation of American democracy has far surpassed the middle class and the bottom people.

American democracy has gradually degenerated into a bargaining oligarchy controlled by special interests. This also confirms what is emphasized in today’s report that the reason why the United States is “first in fighting the epidemic” is that everything is for capital. This is the root cause of the failure of the United States to fight the epidemic and the reason why the representativeness of American democracy is deteriorating day by day.

  Tang Bei said that the “Report” is very valuable for us to understand the situation in the United States in the past year and a half from a historical perspective. The “Report” analyzes the mistakes, main reasons, and serious consequences of the failure of the United States in fighting the epidemic from five aspects, involving individuals, organizations, systems, governance, and political and economic structures, and provides in-depth and powerful expositions.

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