My husband has slept with all the women in his church; What do I do? – Osofo Maame cries loudly; drops deep secrets

My husband has slept with all the women in his church; What do I do? – Osofo Maame cries loudly; drops deep secrets

A pastor’s wife is seeking assistance from Ms Nancy since her husband (the pastor) continues to have sexual connections with ladies in the church. Osofo Maame described how her spouse uses his office as a sexual cave and hides his behaviors behind a religious requirement.

“My husband is a well-known preacher.” Not only in Ghana, but also elsewhere. And there are many individuals that believe in him and his job. I’m not sure when this behavior began, but it has been going on for a long time. We conduct therapy sessions on Mondays and occasionally on Wednesdays.

And if it’s a critical matter, he has additional days free for you to visit him. All of this takes place at the church office.”

Osofo Maame claimed that her husband wanted to conduct the therapy session in private with these women without her attendance. She acknowledged she didn’t think it was strange until she got her hands on his phone.

“I never noticed anything wrong with what was going on until one day, when I jumped on my husband’s phone.” I also read a message. That’s how I discovered what was going on. There was apparently a woman who came to visit my spouse. And based on their conversations, it appears that they are having sexual relations.

They have been having sex at work. And there are more women than I can count. According to the texts on his phone, he has slept with nearly all of the ladies in the church,” she sobbed to Ms Nancy.

He allegedly sleeps with young girls, including her goddaughter. When confronted, he shows no remorse. How should she proceed?

“He led her to believe it was all spiritual guidance from God.” He’s a true prophet. In church, he performs miracles. When I realized what was going on, I challenged him. Say he wouldn’t do it again, hoping he’ll feel bad. But he was confident in his decision. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. “He was like, we give Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” Osofo Maame said.

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