My Parents Are Satan And I Serve Satan; I’m The King Of Satan, – Man Boldly Reveals (VIDEO)

Simon Odo, a well-known guy, has discovered that he is the King of Satan. He also claimed that his father and mother are Satan, and that he then serves Satan.

During a meeting with BBC Igbo a few days ago, he stated this. Simon Odo is a regular expert who is also known as a botanist or a local specialist. In the conference, he claimed that his mother was Satan, his father was Satan, and he was the Lord of Satan.

He described his beginnings as a native doctor during the conversation. He claimed to be a fervent Christian when he was a small lad several years ago, according to him.

He also volunteered at the Catholic church he visited, despite the fact that he was suffering from a life-threatening illness. He was transferred to a number of clinics, mosques, and individuals with medication, but his situation remained unsolved.

He was eventually introduced to a powerful herbalist who was able to heal him, and he continued to practice herbal medicine as a result. Before the herbalist was ready to teach him further, he became an apprentice. He returned home and started his own herbalist practice, even healing patients of their ailments.

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