“My tubes one of them was damaged and…” – Nana Ama reveals why she did not give birth early & through artificial means for the first time

Nana Ama Mcbrown has revealed for the first time the circumstances surrounding her first child’s birth, which occurred when she was in her forties.
In an emotional interview with Naa Ashokor on ‘We Got This Africa,’ the actress and host of United Showbiz revealed that she once had fibroids.

She claimed that a surgical procedure was performed on her to remove the anomaly in her body, which explains why procreation became difficult for her until she recently gave birth to her first child, Baby Maxine.

Furthermore, Nana Ama said that before beginning her IVF, or in vitro fertilization, operation to ultimately become pregnant, she had another surgery to remove one of her fallopian tubes that had been damaged.

She reminded Naa Ashorkor, an actress and media figure, that this is the first time she has come up about her problem in order to ease the pains of other women in a similar circumstance.

“I’m announcing for the first time that one of my tubes was damaged and they had to remove it.” I probably shouldn’t have mentioned anything, but a lot of ladies are going through this. “I got a result, I got Maxine, and I got what I wanted,” she added.

Nana Ama Mc Brown Narrates
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