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Mysterious: Woman instantly turns cripple after snatching someone’s husband in Kumasi

Abrafi, a Kumasi woman, is on the verge of losing her life after kidnapping someone’s spouse.
She accepted the proposal because Bra Kwabena was divorced, according to Abrafi.

“I was proposed to by Brother Kwabena. He explained that he had divorced his wife and wishes to marry me. “I agreed.” Aunty Naa and Abrafi narrated on Oyerepa Afutuo.

She claimed that Akua encouraged her to avoid her husband, but Abrafi refused.

“I was with Bra Kwabena when his wife came to my house and informed me that she was his wife and that I should avoid him.” I informed her (Akua) that I was five months pregnant.

She was enraged when she heard it, so she cursed me with ‘Antoa,’ and I cursed her as well.” Abrafi told the show’s host, Anuty Naa.

She also bemoaned the fact that her sister Akua returned to her residence and grabbed her underwear.

“Sister Akua returned to my residence and seized my underwear; I pursued her but she managed to flee.”

She’s a cripple because her opponent (Akua) cursed her, she remarked on air.

“I started having leg aches after Akua’s curse, and now I can’t walk.” I believe the curse is working, and I beg her forgiveness for I am dying.” Abrafi cried out in pain.

Watch the video below;

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