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NABCO: Dr. Bawumia gives updates on payment of arrears and Educate Ghana Trainees to be considered for GES recruitment

Dr. Bawumia, Ghana’s vice president, has stated that the government will consider trainees for GES employment. When a group of trainees met him at Walewale, he stated this.

He also stated that he has requested that monies be released for the payment of stipends from the finance minister. “Good morning, by the grace of God, we were able to meet the VEEP at his house in WAlewale at 11 p.m. when he returned from errands in the region. He expressed his delight at meeting us.

He stated that he had talked with the finance minister and that some funds will be provided for payment. We didn’t, however, discuss permanence.

We didn’t keep him for long due to security concerns. He was met by four trainees, his coordinator, and his RTC, as well as one lady. He indicated that certain trainees with GES recruitment may be considered for permanent positions, and that he had been advised by the Education Minister that the process had begun. And so, while we wait for MIP, the YOUSTART should be considered seriously.”

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