NDC will win 165 seats in 2024, NPP will go down — Ex-president John Mahama

Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama is optimistic about the upcoming elections in 2024.

In the 2024 elections, he claims the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which he has yet to head as flagbearer, would expand its seats in Parliament from 137 to 165.

When thanking the residents of the Gambaga-Nalerigu Constituency in the North East Region for voting for the National Democratic Congress in the 2020 elections, the former President stated this.

“Indeed, you are one of the constituencies that have helped NDC to continue to have a hold in parliament”, the 2020 flagbearer of the NDC said on 17 January 2022 during the final funeral rites of Alhaji Ligbi Adam Midjida, a very prominent man in the Gambaga area.

“If you would remember, in the last parliament, it was 169 for NPP and 106 for NDC but now it is 137 for NPP and 137 for NDC and I know that you will support us again so that in the 2024 election, it would be 165 seats for NDC and they [NPP] will go down to 110 seats,” he said.

The former president said he was at Gambaga for three reasons: first, as an in-law of the late Alhaji Midjida because the late Alhaji Ligbi’s father-in-law is former Minister of Agriculture Mohammed Muniru, whom Mr Mahama identified as his brother from Busunu in the West Gonja Municipality.

Mr Mahama further stated that he was in the region to see Hassan Midjida, a friend whose father was the late Alhaji Midjida.

Finally, he stated that he came there to thank the people for voting for his party, the National Democratic Congress.

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