Netizens are worried after seeing Chinese eating this; says it’s full of protein [Watch]

According to The China Post, the summer in Taiwan is so hot that people often prefer a hand-crank drink, and bubble tea is one of the most popular ways for Taiwanese to beat the heat. A netizen recently questioned people on the “Battery Commune Public Edition” how they felt when they viewed a picture of a rare milk. The post went viral almost instantly.

In the Facebook group, this female netizen posted three photographs of pearl-filled bubble milk tea cups.

The pearls took up the majority of the drink, and it was nearly empty. “How did it feel when a buddy handed you a cup of bubble tea?” she said. At the same time, she couldn’t help but notice that when she saw the drink, her mouth was sour.

Female netizens said that just seeing these drinks made her mouth sore. (Picture/extracted from the public version of the Blast Commune)

This post immediately attracted more than 500 comments, see the netizens comments below;

“Just look at this cup and you’re full,” “Where, have a cup”, “I want to be full of boba”.

However, many netizens said in horror,

“No! Seeing scalp tingling”, “Get up first with goose bumps,” “Would you like a cup of precious milk or a cup of pearls?”.

People with intensive phobia also directly collapsed and shouted

“unacceptable”, “uncomfortable”, “intensive phobia, do not want to drink at all.”

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