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New Academic Calendar Releases As GES To Revert Semester To Trimester For Basic School: Check Full Details Here

It may be remembered that the Ministerial Committee on School Calendar released a calendar for the current academic year indicating that the Semester system will be used from Kindergarten through Junior High School.

Following the directions to implement the Semester system, the Ministry has received requests to reinstate the Trimester system from members of the public and major educational stakeholders.

Following additional discussion, the Honourable Minister for Education has instructed that the current academic year’s calendar for Kindergarten through Junior High School revert to the Trimester system.

1st TERM
18th January –  14th April, 2022 (12 Weeks)
15th April    –     9th May, 2022 (Vacation)

2md TERM
10th May   –     18th August 2022 (14 Weeks)
19th August   – 12th September, 2022 (Vacation)

3rd TERM
13th September 22nd December, 2022 (14 Weeks)

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