Nigel Gaisie Nearly Knock Down His 70-Year-Old Landlady – Video Drops And Causes Stir

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and head of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, has made an appearance on social media for the wrong reason!

In a video that has gone viral, Nigel Gaisie attacks his 70-year-old landlady.

The man of God is seen aggressively pursuing his landlady, but he is stopped by some of his companions! Nigel Gaisie tried a few times to retaliate against the old lady, but he wasn’t allowed and was hauled into a church room.

According to the story, Nigel Gaisie became enraged after being instructed to pick up his rubbish, which had been lying about for some time and was likely smelly.

‘Nigel Gaisie strikes his 70-year-old landlord, after he was instructed on numerous occasions to get rid of his trash, which was causing “havoc” to other residents…’ writes blogger Aba The Great, who first reported the event.

The video is generating quite a buzz right now! Aside from that, many are curious as to why Prophet Nigel Gaisie does not have his own home.

A man of God who can boast about wearing a GHC 100,000 Cartier watch should be able to own property and build a decent house for his own peace of mind.

Watch the video;

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