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NTC Sevice Providers Are Charging GHC 75 For 4 CPD Points – Teacher Union Of Ghana Drops Another Statement

NTC Sevice Providers Are Charging GHC 75 For 4 CPD Points – Teacher Union Of Ghana Drops Another Statement

Teachers Union of Ghana (TUG) has disclosed that, National Teaching Council (NTC) service providers are charging teachers a whooping sum of Gh₵75 for just 4 CPD points.

According to the Union, this has become a norm for all NTC-approved service providers across the country. Teachers Union of Ghana (TUG) noted with disappointment that, NTC is interested in selling points or requiring teachers to accumulate points for renewal of license and registration than focusing on providing teaching and learning resources to schools and empowering the Ghanaian teacher to effectively deliver the curriculum with a free mind.

In a statement reacting to a letter written by the Registrar of NTC, Christian Addai-Poku (PhD) to the Director-General of GES Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa on the worrying development on teachers Continuous Professional Development among GES staff, the Teachers Union of Ghana (TUG) has expressed displeasure and disappointment on how individuals are making money from teachers for compulsory workshops to build CPD points.

They indicated that NTC’s so-called training materials and service providers do nothing beyond Googling up reading materials to read in front of a panel of gullible teachers. Such is not training and it is a shame that an institution like the NTC would want to enforce such abject mediocrity as professional development training.

“We are better off with our long-established practice of going for further studies and undertaking school base in-service training programmes for our members.” The Union said. In a statement, the General Secretary of Teachers Unions of Ghana Wunnam Africanus said, “Why must a teacher accumulate up to 85 points to renew his license? Why not 2 points or 1?”

“Your service providers are charging Gh₵75 for 4 points. How much would a teacher spend to get all 85 points? What is your understanding of the financial situation of the Ghanaian teacher? Who made that decision to sell points or require teachers to accumulate points? Who did he/she consult? Where on earth do they make decisions without involving those it affects?”

“The present-day teacher is not the teacher of old. We are no longer easy targets for crazy and ill-thought-out programmes. Teachers didn’t just walk into the Ghanaian classrooms to teach; we went through professional training.” “What makes a teacher a professional teacher is the scientific systematic steps he employs to deliver lessons to his students in the classroom not somebody’s fucking stamp or points.”

Teachers Union of Ghana lamented. It’s unclear to the Union and teachers why NTC is forcing in-service teachers to accrue CPD points at a fee for renewal of license and registration. Teachers Union of Ghana (TUG) is therefore calling on National Teaching Council (NTC) to immediately suspend the compulsory point-based Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


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