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Odike Finally Replies Kumasi Traditional Council

Odike Finally Replies Kumasi Traditional Council

Akwasi Addai ‘Odike,’ the Founder and Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), has justified his inability to attend before the Kumasi Traditional Council on Thursday.

He failed to appear because he had been barred from entering the Manhyia Palace, he claimed.

This was said by Mr. Akwasi Addai during an interview on Joy FM’s Top Story.

“I did not go since I had been expelled from Manhyia Palace and customary guidelines must be followed,” he explained.

“This is a spiritual thing, not as physical as you may describe them,” he remarked. “I’ve been banned, a sheep has been slaughtered, a slur has been put on my personality, and it’s not a joke, so if I step there, anybody may come after me and accuse me of disrespecting the elders, and come to the castle where I’ve been banished and murder me,” he explained.

Mr. Addai requested that the banishment be lifted so that he might go before the Kumasi Traditional Council and apologize and pay for his wrongs.

When asked whether this meant he admitted he was incorrect, he said no.

He claims that the Kumasi Traditional Council will “had to start the whole procedure over,” and that he has no idea where he went wrong.

“They must first lift the exile before I may stand before them.” Then, just like in court, they’ll tell you that ABCD isn’t nice to us, so withdraw and apologize. So I’m not sure where I went wrong,” he continued.

Mr. Addai’s expulsion is related to statements he made on Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM, in which he harshly criticized the chiefs for failing to assist address the galamsey scourge.

He was also accused of urging youngsters to rise up and protest against chiefs if they do not clarify their roles in or position against illicit mining.

In this sense, the chiefs saw Odike’s statements as insulting, and slaughtered a ram in a customary ceremony to implore the gods to assist in resisting any uprising against the Asante Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Kumasi Traditional Council has asked that Oyerepa FM, a Kumasi-based radio station, cease transmitting on Friday, August 26, until further notice.

The declaration was made by the Council’s Acting President, Baffuor Amankwatia VI, who is also the Bantamahene, when a delegation from Oyerepa FM and TV arrived before the Traditional Council to apologize for remarks made by Akwasi Addai ‘Odike’ against Manhyia on their network.


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