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Ogya No As) Kumooooo!! Countryman Songo Spotted Hiding In One Corner At Work To Puff Some ‘Tampi’ Before Live Session

As he prepared to go live on the job, Countryman Songo, a senior presenter at Adom TV, was seen on camera speaking with a higher authority (Jah Rastafari).
While being discreetly recorded by someone in the distance, most likely without his knowledge, Songo knelt down in a corner to light his joint and take a few draws of smoke.

When the video appeared on social media, fans were talking about it, but nobody was actually astonished when it did.

In actuality, it plays a big role in both his personal life and his career.

In fact, whenever his program “Fire for Fire” is shown, smoke can be seen blowing over the screen’s background.

That is supposed to represent the fire he is battling with, but it also paints a very clear picture of his love for Tampi.

No one was thus particularly startled to see Songo enjoying his love while he was at work.

Watch the video below.

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