One Ghanaian delegate goes ‘missing’ after Commonwealth Games

One Ghanaian delegate goes ‘missing’ after Commonwealth Games

After the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, there are reportedly a number of missing athletes and delegates, including one representative from Ghana.

The UK police report that there are now 17 people missing, including 13 athletes and four more people who were with specific teams.

Eight of the 17 people have been located, leaving the other eight unaccounted for.

A Ghanaian and five other members of the Sri Lankan team are among the eight people who have not yet been seen.

A contender from Botswana and one from Cameroon both disappeared, but they have both since been found. To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who has been located, police and immigration authorities are working together.

“We’ve received a total of 17 missing person complaints from visiting Commonwealth Games delegations, including 13 competitors and four additional delegation members,” a police spokeswoman said. Nine of those have now been located, while eight are still missing.

“We’re doing inquiries in conjunction with immigration officials to make sure they’re secure and healthy.”

Not the first occasion

This is not the first time an athlete or representative from Ghana has vanished following the Commonwealth Games. The Badminton Association of Ghana announced that two athletes during the 2018 games in Australia left camp and did not return with the team.
The athletes that vanished following the Australia Games were Gifty Mensah and Stella Amasah.

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