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Oti Region: NDC Aspirant collapses after losing elections

Gado Yakubu Ninsaw, one of the candidates for the office of Oti Regional Secretary, died on Sunday after losing the poll.

Mr Ninsaw, dressed in all white and expecting a spectacular triumph, received the shock of his life when the results did not go in his favor.

He fell when he saw his opponent had a substantial lead during the counting and before the official pronouncement.

Party leaders and bystanders rushed to his aid, and he was eventually taken to the hospital for treatment.

Helen Adjoa Ntoso, Member of Parliament for Krachi West, cautioned lawmakers not to take the game too seriously in the comments.

She went on to say that the manner the defeated politician collapsed as he rose was a clear indicator that he was exhausted, suffering from a health ailment, or both.

“He may have perished. God bless him for still being alive. We must all be health-conscious. “This is what happens when you rely solely on politics to support yourself and your family,” she explained.

The current chairman, who won with 162 votes, promised to fight hard to keep all of Oti’s parliamentary seats and to quadruple John Mahama’s presidential votes for victory in 2024.

Paulina Magyam, the winner of the Women’s Organiser role, has committed to work hard with the elected executives to take power from the NPP in 2024.

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