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Part of Basic Schools In Ghana will use these to assess their students but not examination; All teachers should take note

The Ghana Education Service’s administration has issued directives to all school heads and instructors in various Metropolitan, Municipal, and Districts that there would be no “End of Term Examination.”

Exercises, class tests, project work, homework, and role play, according to the management, should be employed to assess the students for the current term.

“Teachers are obliged to assess their kids using alternative forms of assessment such as class tests, homework, group work, project work, role play, and so on in order to prepare for vacation on April 7th, 2022,” the instruction added.

This unexpected decision was given owing to some uncertainty on the part of the Yearly Academic Calendar Planning Committee of the GES and other co-curricular activities, according to several officers of the GES at the District / Municipal Level and instructors.

“On three times, the GES has made the academic schedule painfully difficult to follow. The activity schedule at our classrooms had become quite difficult as a result of this,” one officer explained.

Some heads and instructors informed Honestynewgh that they had already accepted money from their students for end-of-term tests and that they must either refund the money or find another way to conduct the exams.

Please note that it is important to highlight that this regulation does not apply to all public basic schools throughout the country.

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