Pastor Forces Woman To Poop On Church Altar During Healing & Deliverance Service (VIDEO)

I absolutely comprehend that the thing of the soul is generally not perceived by many, for the most part, those on the planet yet this to me is crazy of all profound demonstrations.

A self-announced minister, Prophet T. Freddy has constrained a lady, an individual from his congregation, to crap on the congregation’s raised area all for the sake of mending and liberation.

Oneself announced prophet is the organizer of the Goodness and Mercy Ministries Church.

He made the lady crap on his congregation’s raised area during the help.

In the video moving fast on social media he is heard yelling “come out, come out ” as the lady crapped on the raised area.

The indoctrinated believers started applauding after the lady crapped while the prophet pronounced that they have recently seen the ‘force of God’.”

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