‘Patapaa can’t eat his German wife’ well – Sumsum Ahuofe reveals reason for their alleged breakup [WATCH]

Sumsum Ahuofe, a Kumawood actor, claims that Patapaa’s failure to pleasure his wife in bed contributed to their purported breakup.

As a result of reports about their deteriorating marriage, Patapaa and his wife have gotten a lot of media attention in recent days.

After Patapaa consented to an interview with Kastel FM to clarify the air and proclaim that he and Liha Miller are still legally married, the rumors gathered traction.

After the clarification, the situation altered dramatically when renowned blogger Zionfelix uploaded an album of photos and videos of himself with Liha Miller before to their interview.

As a result of these photos, Patapaa’s inner lion awoke, and he hurried to the internet to accuse the blogger of wrecking his marriage.

Patapaa screamed a tirade of obscenities at Zionfelix and vowed to deal with him.

Following Patapaa’s attacks on Zionfelix, the Youtuber replied by ignoring the singer’s claims that he is the one causing his marriage to fall apart.

Patapaa was also advised by Zionfelix to quit bluffing because he has said categorically that he has nothing to do with Liha Miller.

In response to the current news, Sumsum Ahuofe remarked that Patapaa is sexually weak in bed and that he should work on it rather than creating a fight with innocent people.

Sumsum also tossed Patapaa a stray bullet, telling him he needed to act more maturely since his antics were getting in the way and were terrible for him.

watch the video below

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