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Police storms Agradaa’s spiritual father’s church (Video)

According to Nana Agradaa, a group of police officers attacked her spiritual father’s church over the weekend because her husband was being held hostage forcibly.

Nana Agradaa has been raving on the internet for the past few days about how her spiritual father, Sofo Kyere, has refused to allow her spouse to socialize with her.

Nana Agradaa criticized her husband for refusing to work with her after she bought him a $9 billion church in one of her Tiktok videos.

Many social media users, including gospel singer Joyce Blessing, mocked Nana Agradaa when she posted a video of herself crying on the internet about her marriage issue.

Nana Agradaa has revealed fresh details of her spiritual father’s tale, including the involvement of the police, according to her.

Nana Agradaa boasted in a new video that she was able to hold Sofo Kyere when the police invaded his church over the weekend.

Sofo Kyere nearly urinated on himself after seeing the cops enter his church’s auditorium, according to the newest Evangelist in town.

She further said that Sofo Kyere flatly denied that he is the one who has refused to let her husband visit her, claiming that – Nana Agradaa’s husband is a free man, and it is his own decision not to identify himself with his wife.

Nana Agradaa has now come to terms with her loss, which is beneficial to her mental health. Since she professes to have been called by God, she should continue her ministry on her own.

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