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Public toilet attendant bathes customer with faeces over 50 pesewas (video)

Public toilet attendant bathes customer with faeces over 50 pesewas (video)

Police apprehended a public bathroom attendant in Assin Pantoase, Central Region after he drenched a facility user in excrement following a quarrel about GHC 0.50.

According to United TV reporter Shadrack Owusu Asante, the victim of the faecal attack, Daniel Agyapong, visited the public bathroom the day before. He then presented GHC 1 to the facility attendant, anticipating GHC 0.50 in change, but the attendant was unable to do so.

Agyapong was a frequent user of the public bathroom, and they both agreed that he should leave and return the next day to compensate for the GHC 0.50.

When Agyapong returned to the facility the next day, he did not run across the man with whom he had the gentlemen’s agreement; instead, Kwabena Osei was in charge of it on that critical day.

Osei demanded payment after some self-indulgence, but Agyapong made an effort to explain the agreement he had made with the other attendant, who was assumed to be Osei’s son. He said that despite the fact that he was not the one who had the aforementioned arrangement with Agyapong, he insisted on paying the GHC 0.50 amount.

The two men had an unpleasant argument about the GHC 0.50 until a bystander offered to pay the money on Agyapong’s behalf, which he did.

Despite the fact that the passerby had already paid Osei, he insisted on Agyapong paying as well; otherwise, he would grab for the excrement and smear it on Agyapong’s face, with some of it almost making its way into his mouth. Osei then proceeded to sprinkle the excrement all over Agyapong’s body, as if that wasn’t cruel enough.

As the situation escalated, Agyapong grew outraged and attempted to rally his comrades to assault Osei in retaliation, but witnesses intervened to avoid tragedy.

In contrast, Agyapong was able to run to the local police station and make a report, which resulted in Osei’s arrest.


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