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Rapper Ayornu who allegedly k!lle.d his wife in Ada dies in police custody

David Ayornu, 31, of Lufenya, near Kasseh in the Ada East District, died in police custody in Ada on June 3 after reportedly murdering his wife.
Bee, nicknamed Ayornu, a rapper, was arrested for allegedly stabbing his wife in the stomach, killing her.

Ada Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Atsu Dzineku confirmed Ayornu’s death to Ghana News Agency.

Before being transferred to the Kasseh police station for further investigation, the suspect was treated and released from Ada East District Hospital.

Ayornu was processed for court and remanded to assist with investigations, according to Chief Supt. Dzineku.

On June 12, he alleged, Ayornu’s other captives noticed he was unconscious and phoned the cops. At the Ada East District Hospital, he was pronounced dead.

He stated the body was in the mortuary at Sogakope Hospital for preservation and inquiry.

The occurrence was confirmed to the GNA by the Acting Chief of Lufenya near Kasseh and the deceased’s uncle.

So far, his family has agreed to work with the police to make arrangements.

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