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Rev Obofour replies claims of marrying a second wife in latest video

It was stated in the media around three weeks ago that Rev Obofour had dumped his wife Queen Ciara and married another woman named Maame Lizzy.

According to the rumors, the man of God was on his honeymoon in the United Kingdom with Maame Lizzy, and Queen Ciara was furious since she was unaware of the situation until an outsider informed her.

Because of pressure from his supporters and loved ones, the man of God has been silent on the problem since it first surfaced on the internet, and has finally responded in a new Tiktok video.

The purveyors of the false story, according to Rev Obofour, are insane men and women who have sworn to shame him at any cost.

He passionately labeled them as creatures that go around spreading deep lies about him, and he claimed he had no idea what he had done to deserve such abuse.

In this viral video, Rev Obofour appeared enraged as he retaliated against his assailants by hurling abuses at them.

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