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Rev Obofour supposedly flees his house and goes into hiding, admitting to a broken marriage – Manasseh reveals

Following the chilly wind blowing around his failed marriage with Bofowaa, popular Ghanaian prophet Rev Obofour is said to have gone into hiding and is unable to be found.

Manasseh claims that Bofowaa has moved out of the house and to the United Kingdom after learning that her spouse, the man of God, is having three children with three different women.

In the most recent development in the matter, Mannaseh claims that even his subordinate pastors and church members are unaware of Obofour’s location.

Manasseh claims that on Sundays, Rev Obofour video contacts one of his pastors and speaks to them and the congregation.

As of now, he claims he has yet to discover Obofour’s location.

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