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REVEALED: Percentage Salary Increment for Public Sector Workers in 2023

Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) Director of Operations Ibrahim A. Mumuni has revealed the percentage of salary hikes for public sector personnel in 2023.

According to him, the various labor organizations and the Trade Union Congress seek to agree on the compensation % for public sector workers in 2023. (TUC).

According to ADAM-media GH’s statement, Dr. Yaw Baah, who controls pay and working conditions at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), and the TUC aim to compromise once more during the tripartite committee meeting to discuss salary talks in 2023.

“We all know what happened when Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah convened a tripartite committee and secured a 4% wage increase in 2021 and a 7% salary increase in 2022. It is regrettable that the very persons in this nation who workers put their trust in to defend them when they go to the tripartite committee over their salary turn out to be such stooges to the administration of the day.”

Furthermore, he alleged that Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah was oblivious of the financial projections for 2022 before agreeing to the 7% and that he was also unaware of the inflation rate, which is already putting a major strain on workers and making it impossible for them to even survive.

Ghanaian Public Sector Salary Increment Percentage in 2023

Ibrahim A. Mumuni, the Director of Operations for the Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH), has revealed that negotiations for the 2023 salary increase for public sector workers have begun.

He claims that during their first meeting, the various labor unions, the TUC, the Ministry of Employment, and other important parties formed a technical sub-committee committee with no economic expertise.

“They attended the first meeting and agreed to form a technical subcommittee to develop a proposal to determine the 2023 salary increment and minimum wage.” They have now constituted this committee, and its members have no economic background.

They simply selected them from all of the unions and assembled them.”

“Without knowing the current inflation rate, the committee used the Bank of Ghana (BoG) algorithm to determine the 2023 percentage for wage increment.” “33 percent.”

Ghana’s Salary Increment and Minimum Wage in 2023

The percentage for the 2023 salary increment is estimated at 12.9 percent for 2023 and GHS 14 as a minimum wage, based on calculations utilizing the Bank of Ghana’s inflation rate.

However, when the committee met with the minister to assess the proposal document from the technical subcommittee, the minister discovered anomalies and flaws in the document and declined to approve it.

The minister has asked the sub-technical committee, which includes GNAT’s Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah, to utilize the current inflation rate of 33%.

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