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Sad news hit female teacher after allegedly canning 13-year-old pupil to death [Watch]

A 13-year-old kid at Swedru Methodist ‘B’ Basic School in the Central Region died after being caned by a teacher.

Madam Mili, his class teacher, is said to have caned Godfred Ankomah on the back.

According to a UTV reporter, Godfred, who was in form 2, was caned for incorrectly answering homework problems.

According to Jacob Kubi, a UTV reporter, Madam Mili left the class on Wednesday after the kids finished an exercise she assigned them to talk with a colleague. When the teacher overheard the kids conversing, he instructed them to be quiet.

“Madam Mili angrily returned to the class and asked the students to submit the homework she gave them on Monday. She told the students she would cane them for every wrong question answered. After marking Godfred’s work, he had answered six questions wrongly.”

This meant that Godfred would receive six lashes.

“Godfred pleaded with the teacher to cane him in his palm instead of his back but the teacher did not agree and asked him to kneel. The teacher caned Godfred on his back,” the reporter added.

Godfred reported the incident to his mother when he got home and said that he was in pain. After a while, the 13-year-old started coughing blood and was taken to the Agona Swedru Hospital.

Godfred was attended to and given medications. They asked him to return to the hospital the next day but they could not stay home since Godfred was still coughing blood. They were referred to the Winneba Government Hospital when the child died on the way.

Watch thr video below

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