Sadio Mane transforms poor Bambaly village into town, things he has done [WATCH]

Sadio Mane has used the money he earned through football to rebuild his small Senegalese hamlet of Bambaly into a full-fledged municipality.

He has pledged funds towards the construction of a hospital, a stadium, a school, and other facilities.

Sadio Mane has also attempted to reduce poverty in his impoverished hamlet by providing underprivileged families with monthly stipends.

Sadio Mane has reportedly invested over €1 million in the development of his community, according to Africa Facts Zone.

  • He built a £455,000 hospital and €250,000 school in his village, Bambaly.
  • He gives each family €70 monthly.
  • He provided 4G internet for them.
  • He is building a fuel station and post office.
  • 2,000 people live in his village.

Check out the photos below…

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