“Save Your Cl!t0ris Or Else It Can Shrink and Disappear When You Don’t Do This” Women Are In Shocked After Popular Doctor Reveals This

A medical professional, known online as Doctor Penking, made a comment regarding the female genital organ that sparked an online debate. The majority of women are aware that certain behaviors may cause their clitoris to cease reacting, but they are unaware of what the doctor is stating. Some female users of social media are clueless. The clitoris occasionally stops reacting to stimulation, begins to contract, and eventually disappears. Clitoral atrophy is how doctors describe this.

Disuse, hormonal changes, and inadequate blood supply to the clitoris are just a few of the numerous potential reasons of clitoral atrophy.

Dr. Penking noted that if a woman hasn’t had sex with a guy for a very long period, the clitoris may likewise cease reacting and finally vanish. He stated that the clitoris tends to contract with time, which is what causes this.

The clitoris eventually vanishes as the days pass. This is referred to as Clitorial disuse atrophy, in his opinion. He thus urged women who have been complaining that men are con artists to take their complaints seriously and locate a partner in order to prevent the disappearance of their clitoris. After seeing this, some users of social media stated that it is a severe situation. This may be the cause of some women’s claims that they have no feelings for a man.

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