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School feeding program speaks on the viral video purporting sub-standard meals to pupils

School feeding program speaks on the viral video purporting sub-standard meals to pupils

As it undertakes more investigation into the video, the Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP) has cast doubt on the video’s relationship to any of its properly qualified caterers.

In the viral video, a faceless lady who looks to be a caterer is seen serving several schoolchildren what appears to be a boiling liquid material, which is likely hot soup. The food being given to the youngsters is likely Eba, a popular dish in Nigeria and other areas of Africa.

Gari and hot water are combined to make eba.

However, according to GSFP, its first investigations were unable to determine the video’s genuine source.

It said that neither the instructor shown sitting with her legs crossed nor the alleged caterer’s face could be seen in the footage.

According to a statement released on Thursday, June 30, “this, therefore, makes it impossible for Management to conclude, agree with, or accept that the accused chef in the viral video is one of our qualified and experienced caterers.”

It stated that management has informed all 16 Regional Coordinators “to perform their independent checks on the problem” because it is almost certain the video may not be from Ghana considering the container used by the accused Caterer to serve the alleged soup.

The statement, penned by Head of Public Relations Siiba Alfa, said, “Ghana School Feeding caterers anywhere in Ghana have acquired the necessary basic nutrition and innovation training and are under strict orders to serve dishes in ice chests in order to keep the food warm at all times.

We also think that the head teachers and SHEP Coordinators in the schools, who work closely with the Ghana School Feeding Programme to taste and inspect each meal prepared by our caterers every day, would have formally reported the incident to our regional or national secretariat by now if it had happened in Ghana.

It urged all stakeholders to remain calm and rest assured that the bottom of the matter will be gotten to for “speedy” redress.

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