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SCHOOL FEEDING: SHS students to start feeding themselves due to food shortage

According to a new report, senior high school pupils have been informed that they would be responsible for their own feeding from now on, since food shortages have impacted various campuses around the country.
The Conference of Heads of Assisted Schools (CHASS) delivered the seemingly bad news, asking parents to be on the lookout for this development and to begin feeding their children if the government continues to shirk its obligations.

students serving food

Due to the non-payment of outstanding debt, the Buffer StockmCompany., the organization that delivers food to senior high schools, is unable to continue its duties.

CHASS has since issued a statement to this effect, an excerpt of which is shown below.

“If adequate money and food are not arrived in the schools by Friday, July 15th, 2022, we will be forced to inform parents and guardians that they must either feed their children or come get them since it will be difficult to continue feeding them with nothing.”

All sports and cultural events at the school, district, regional, and national levels are officially halted with immediate effect until further notice due to a lack of funds.

We also believe that forcing pupils to participate in these activities on empty stomachs poses a health risk since they may collapse during the exercises.”

All workshops and other events that require payment should be halted since it is becoming increasingly difficult for schools to fund these activities.

“In reality, an evaluation of the situation revealed that most schools cannot stay open for more than one week if nothing is done urgently.”

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