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See how area boys did to a man after he was caught stealing ECG cables

Benjamin Quarcoo, the Electricity Firm of Ghana’s (ECG) Western Region Public Relations Officer, has warned that the company would continue to pursue those who have been targeting and stealing its installations until the last one is apprehended.

“If they’ve chosen to cause us difficulties, they should be prepared.” We will not give up until every single one of them has been apprehended. We will also take personal responsibility for ensuring that they are properly punished in line with the country’s laws.”

His remarks follow an arrest made last Sunday at the company’s Station B, which is located near the Takoradi cemetery.

It will be the second time in three days that they have had to deal with a theft.

On Saturday evening, thieves broke into Station B and cut and stole various electrical components from the firm. They returned the next Sunday to “complete the job.”

Unfortunately for one of the robbers, luck was not on his side, as he was apprehended by several neighbours who had heard about the Saturday heist and had been on the lookout since.

“Those who nabbed the man said they’ve been on high alert since the last theft instance. So, on Sunday evening about 7:00 p.m., they witnessed some young guys scale Station B’s wall and enter the yard. They were startled.

They kept an eye on them and noticed them using pliers to work on some circuits. As a result, they pursued them. They managed to apprehend one of them. The others were able to flee.”

“The young guys opted to fulfill the watchover job since they have discovered that these theft instances are contributing to the localised outages,” Mr. Quarcoo says. They also claim that it is harming their appliances.”

Mr. Quarcoo praised the young guys who apprehended the thief and appealed for more vigilance to aid with the apprehension of those who steal from ECG.

“We’re pleased with how the public is assisting us in apprehending these disloyal elements of society.” Our efforts are urged to be renewed and sustained. The general people should be aware that these theft cases touch us all, and they must continue to aid in the capture of these criminals.

And we are sure the localised outages, due to theft cases, will reduce.”

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