See The Lists Of Countries Ghana Imports Cassava From- Captain Smart Lists Them Here

Captain Smart, a popular journalist on Onua TV, highlighted the country’s imported cassava from last year, despite the centerpiece planting for food and employment initiative.

As he navigated through a google search, he announced them on live television. Cassava is one of the 137,000 goods Ghana imported last year, according to his list.

Egypt, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America were the countries he mentioned. He went on to say that he got this information from Google and that he didn’t compose it himself.

If Captain Smart is correct, we have a significant problem as a country, particularly when a program like planting for food and jobs is in place. The production of foodstuffs is the least of our difficulties, thanks to our rich fields.

It’s no surprise that the Cedi continues to lose value versus the US dollar. If the importation of cassava continues, we will have a long way to go as a country. Who’d have guessed we’d reach a point where a country like Ghana would import cassava?

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